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Overland Eagle

The Eagle- 4 Seater

The Eagle- 4 Seater

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The Eagle- 4 Seater

Overland Eagle presents The World's First Hitch-Mounted Outdoor Setup – a patented product that redefines convenience and functionality. This groundbreaking product seamlessly transforms from a compact enclosure into an extraordinary, fully-equipped outdoor setup. With a simple drop and unfold motion, this innovation takes mere seconds to unveil seating for 4, 3 tabletops, a built-in BBQ, USB charge ports, 12 volt power, and ambient lighting under each seat. Made from premium grade aluminum. It's lightweight, extremely durable and ready for adventure.

** excludes Cooler, cooler holder and umbrellas

🟠 Get set up in seconds: Transform from a box to an extraordinary setup, complete with all your finest essentials. Elevate your outdoor experience effortlessly!

🟠 Pure Strength: Crafted entirely from premium aluminum, The Eagle boasts impressive durability without the bulk. Weighing under 200lbs on your hitch, it's your rugged yet lightweight companion for your adventures.

🟠 Nature's Beauty Meets Baltic Birch: Extreme weather resistant Baltic Birch table tops. Strength and beauty. No compromise.

🟠 Seating Elevated: Accommodating up to four adventurers, The Eagle provides cozy seating for your crew. Swiveling seats. Comfort for days!

🟠 Flame On! BBQ Included: Ignite your passion for grilling on the go with the built-in BBQ. Savor the flavor of outdoor cooking wherever your journey takes you. Swings to the right of the vehicle for quick road-side grilling.

🟠 Power to Explore: Stay connected and powered up with a 12V outlet and USB ports, ensuring your devices are ready for capturing those epic moments. All wiring is integrated within the tubing to prevent damage.

🟠 Illuminate Your Path: Navigate the night with ease thanks to LED lighting beneath each seat, creating an enchanting ambiance while ensuring safety in the dark.

🟠 Boundless Expansion: Unleash your outdoor space with The Eagle's 18-foot linear wingspan. This compact wonder transforms into an expansive haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Around a bonfire or linear for watching those epic sporting events on the sidelines. Possibilities are endless!

🟠 Built to Last: Articulating arms with solid billet aluminum pivot joints ensure resilience and longevity, proving that The Eagle is a trusty companion for a lifetime.

🟠 Sleek Mobility: When closed or in drive mode, The Eagle is less than 4 feet wide, elegantly designed not to obstruct taillights, ensuring safe and hassle-free travel.

🟠 Power-On-The-Go: Drawing power through a 7-way trailer plug, The Eagle ensures you have the energy you need for your devices and equipment.

🟠 Effortless Elevation: With 2 lift assist gas shocks, folding The Eagle up or down is a breeze, allowing you to focus on your adventure, not the setup.

🟠 Universal Connection: Designed for 2-inch receivers. Class 2 or higher. A hitch drop or rise may be required for different makes and models.

🟠 Adaptable Terrain: Adjustable jacks ensure stability on uneven surfaces, making your outdoor oasis even more accessible.

🟠 Noiseless Perfection: Toggle clamps eliminate any rattles, preserving the tranquility of your outdoor experience. It's all about enjoying the sounds of nature.

🟠 Removable Wheels: Roll The Eagle on and off the hitch with attachable wheels. A one person job.

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