Our Story

For us, the outdoors is more than a pastime; it's a calling. Whether it's a spontaneous beach getaway or an intrepid journey into the wilderness, the great outdoors is woven into the fabric of our lives. We've felt the exhilaration of adventure and the joy of exploration, but we've also known the frustration of packing and the time-consuming chore of camp setup. We realized that we wanted to spend our time enjoying the outdoors, not struggling with gear.

In our quest for a solution to make these experiences easier, Overland Eagle was born. Our mission was clear and simple: to design an all-in-one solution that's compact, attaches seamlessly to your vehicle's hitch, and sets up in seconds, offering maximum comfort and convenience. We wanted gear made from reliable, tried-and-tested materials that could endure the test of time – an extension of your vehicle that could be effortlessly stowed away when not in use. Overland Eagle was built for making memories and designed to last.

As a team of outdoor enthusiasts, we understand the needs of fellow adventurers. Overland Eagle is not just a company; it's a shared passion that has led us to innovate and craft premium products for outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves. Our commitment is to redefine the way people interact with nature, making outdoor experiences more accessible and enjoyable. Join us on this journey, and let Overland Eagle elevate your adventures, ensuring that every moment in the great outdoors is truly extraordinary.